HOMEMedical Tourism

Medical tourism for foreigners


Health screening collaborate with over sight seen trip.

Hokuhodo takes part in [Medical tourism] with wish that we can contribute to the making of more solid and peaceful global society. The Japanese advanced medical care receives a high evaluation from the Asian countries. There is much hope to want to receive medical examination in Japan, and it is put about the medical facilities in the Asian developed nations by the present conditions that are not regulated well still more.
Hokuhodo prepares for the opportunity having we have you receive medical examination such as a cancer, the cerebropathy in a medical center of Japan in us, for preparing the disease of the emergency.
Certainly Hokuhodo supplies premium relaxation from wonderful sightseeing and great dishes in Japan before and after the medical examination.
Hokuhodo believes that is able to maintain firm solid and peaceful global society because creating trust by people prosperous interchanging with any countries.
Never cease overflowing smile…to leave that world to posterity.