Frequently Asked Questions

Q1Can I buy on online shop?
Q2How the way of settlement?
Q3Can I send the product as gift?
Q4Can I order from overseas?
Q5Why don't you write down the price of products?
Q6Can you repair any jewelry?
Q7Can you repair any jewelry bought another shop?


A1Yes. However you cannot do the settlement on website. Therefore we contact you another day.
On HP E-Mail Address
A2Please contact the E-Mail Address on website. It is possible, such as cash on delivery payment card postal transfer bank transfer.
A3Yes. We correspond to the products of most of the Watch ・ Jewelry ・ Food variety Also we correspond to the present wrapping such as mid year gift, year-end gift. Please contact us for more information.
A4Yes. Please refer to the page of this place , such as shipping and payment.
A5We guide to the reference price because we also have trading with overseas
Please contact the E-mail address on website if you would like to the detail. E-Mail Address
A6Yes. It is possible. We can repair anything whatever brands because we have specialty workman.
A7Yes. Specialty workman repairs carefully anything such as antiques and new brands.