About NPO corporation OBM "Otaru hometown dainty food selection" consignment business


Rich natural environments, port, canal, the stone warehouse, town with presence of mind and the personality that the history and the culture weave the Otaru.

The Otaru chamber of commerce establishes NPO Corporation for the purpose of product promotion, and plan to "Otaru hometown dainty food selection" catalogue sale, Hokuhodo is given that catalogue sale as consignment business.

There are products that are good old taste, new taste and full of fascination of food in Otaru.

Please appreciate a gem of Otaru by all means at this opportunity.

Introduction of the store



Hokuhodo is clock shop established in 1948 which not to mention the repair and the sale of the domestic clock, also that is general agency of Cobra Company in Japan. In recent years Hokuhodo contribute to the food wholesale, the trade business with overseas trading company, the global business development including the entry of the Medical Tourism business.



Conomi is clock and jewelry shop established in 1988 which treats Marriage Ring, Design Silver, Original Jewelry, jewelry of the foreign countries famous brand and import clock of Company of Cobra in France. Conomi has precious jewelry and the jewelry, which Conomi chooses you with definite eyes of GIA/GG (American jewel judgment qualification) and pulled of marked.

What's New

coming soon
Starting of Medivcal tourism
coming soon
Starting of trading with Taiwan
Renewal of HP
[Oishii JAPAN]
Starting of trading with Singapore.
Renewal of HP
Reinforcement of overseas exports
[An exhibition of the product of Otaru city] in Shanghai
「Hokkaido ice cream cone coordinate in Shanghai」
[An exhibition of product of Hokkaido] in Shianghai

Overseas trading business


Hokuhodo develops the trading business that exports products which was particular about foods of Hokkaido particularly Otaru to mainly China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Also we participate in [Medical Tourism] because we hope to contribute to make more peaceful global society. Hokuhodo believes that is able to maintain firm solid and peaceful global society because creating trust by people prosperous interchanging with any countries.
Never cease overflowing smile…to leave that world to posterity.


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